Dress Makinge

The training course consists of the following modules:

Module 1: Analyses the Design.
Module 2: Prepare for Dress Making Operation.
Module 3: Develop Pattern
Module 4: Perform Fabric Cutting
Module 5: Perform Stitching
Module 6: Finish the Garment
Module 7: Develop Professionalism


800 hrs


Ms. Farkhanda Naheed
Trade Instructor (Tailoring & Dress Making Machine Embroidery )
Ms. Ghazala
Jr. Trade Instructor (Tailoring & Dress making Machine Embroidery )
Ms. Saqiba Shaheen
Jr. Trade Instructor
Ms. Naeema Ashraf
Jr. Trade Instructor
Ms. Gul Naz
Jr. Trade Instructor (Tailoring & Dress Making )


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A dressmaker is a person who makes clothing and is also called a Tailor. Clothing is one of the basic needs of human being as people are becoming fashion conscious. The sewing of garment changes with the changes in garment industry. Hence keeping in view the market demand and the change in fashion design, courses on dressmaking has been suitably designed in the structure of formal education. The beneficiaries are new literates and people with low education levels. Besides; in Pakistani tradition, girls/women are expected to know tailoring to fulfil the basic sewing requirement at home. Sewing of garments at home is