Computer Operator Level ||


This curriculum comprises 8 modules. The full structure of the course is as follow:
Module 1: Maintain Computer System
Module 2: Prepare Word Documents
Module 3: Prepare Spreadsheets
Module 4: Prepare Presentation
Module 5: Prepare In-page documents
Module 6: Manage e-mail / internet
Module 7: Manage Information System
Module 8: Identify and peruse new business opportunities in the field of Computer (ICT).
Matric preferably Intermediate

September 15, 2020
6 Months
800 Hours


Hameeda Bano
IT Instructor


GTVC(W) Gulbahar Peshawar   View map



Day by day use of computers is growing rapidly in Pakistan. In every city, town, village, market, office, school, bank, shop, hospital, home etc., we can see increasing numbers of computers. As the number of computers the need of computer operators is growing. Employment as a computer operator is projected to grow rapidly because advancement in technology is causing an even bigger demand for duties performed by computer operators. Moreover, as computers are very common and everybody wants to learn more about computers, the demand for computer skills and knowledge has increased in all sectors of economy. This modular training programme is based on the job required to be performed by a computer operator in nearly every sort of industries nowadays. The course is mostly focused on the General Computer Applications.

Computer Operator is a CBT Course Specially Designed for Matric & FA/Fsc Student

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